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Prepare for Placement

If you do need to take WAMAP or Accuplacer, we recommend preparing for these tests before taking them. We have several ways to help you prepare.

Math Brush-Up Workshops

highline-college-placement-testing-12Which math class do you need for your degree? Have you done math placement yet?

Brush-up Workshops are being delivered via Zoom during 2022-2023 Academic Year.

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Math Practice Tests

Highline College Placement PreparationReview and prepare for WAMAP before you take it. Practice packets and sample tests are available for you to prepare.

View Math Practice Tests

Accuplacer Reading Test

highline-college-placement-testing-13Familiarize yourself with the sample questions for the reading comprehension test. Highline only offers the reading comprehension test, although there are other sections included in the free practice tests.

View Accuplacer Practice Tests


Retake Policy

highline-college-test-retake-policyIf you believe you could be successful in a higher-level course, we encourage you to retake the test.

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