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ParaPro Assessment

The ParaPro Assessment measures the skills and knowledge in reading, writing and math possessed by prospective and practicing paraprofessionals. It also measures their ability to apply those skills and knowledge when assisting in classroom instruction. It was designed to satisfy the requirements of the federally legislated No Child Left Behind Act.

Highline College will offer the ParaPro Assessment for the Summer Months on Mondays:

July 16,  August 13, August 20 & September 10, 2018

There are two sessions available, you may choose either 9am-11:30a or 11:30-2pm.  

ParaPro Assessment

Frequently Asked Questions

The test is for prospective and practicing paraprofessionals.

Payments must be made at the Cashier in Building 6.  You will need to bring the purchase receipt to the Placement & Testing Center in Building 1, on the day of your exam.

The test fee is $55.  There is fee assistance for Highline College students at the Women’s Center in Building 6. (All genders welcome!) Eligibility is dependent on meeting financial assistant requirements, and will be determined at initial request.

Test takers have 2 and a half hours to complete the test.

Test subjects include reading, writing and math.

The test has 90 multiple-choice questions, approximately two-thirds of which focus on basic skills and knowledge. The remaining one-third focus on applying skills in the classroom. All test questions are in English.

Preparation for the ParaPro is strongly encouraged.  Preparation materials for all content areas of the ParaPro are available in interactive and easy to use modules.
You must have Power Point to access these documents, download for free here if you do not have.

Click here to access the Make a Plan module

Click here to access the Math module

Click here to access the Reading module

Click here to access the Writing module

There are also preparation materials available on the ParaPro website https://www.ets.org/parapro/test_prep/materials.  There is a free PDF study companion guide and a ParaPro Assessment Tutorial, as well as an interactive practice test available for a $19.95 fee.

Bring a valid ID with your name, recent photograph and signature. You must bring your purchase receipt to the Placement & Testing Center on the day of testing in order to take the exam.

Washington State’s qualifying score is 461.

Unofficial scores are available onscreen at the end of your test.  Official score reports are sent out approximately 2-3 weeks after your test date.

You may order additional score reports at www.ets.org/parapro for test taken in the past 10 years.  There is a $50 fee.

You are required to wait 21 days (not including your initial test date) before retaking the test. The fees and procedures are the same as taking the initial test.